You wouldn’t think that the girl who sanitized and kissed Ben Flajnik on the first night, busted a rap to him, and then dissed his #1 boo thang Courtney Robertson to his face (twice) would regret not taking more risks during her time on The Bachelor 16. But fearless-in-love Emily O'Brien reveals to The Possessionista that’s exactly what she regrets...

“I would have taken a few more risks, accessorized more boldly, worn more patterns. I think I played it a little too safe.”

That’s right, nowadays, Emily is more concerned about her style legacy on the show than the televised unraveling of her relationship with The now-”engated” Bachelor. The doctor and fan favorite spoke to Possessionista about all things challenging about dressing to impress on the ABC show, joked about Lindzi Cox’s over-tanning, and even reviewed the style of the man who dumped her:

“Ben’s style is a lot like his personality: laid-back, variegated, refined. Overall, the man is exceptionally well-dressed,” says Emily.


“Now if only he would get a keratin treatment.”

Don't hold your breath, sister. We’ve already been down that hairy road.

Read on for The Possessionista’s candid chat with the charming Emily here!

Source: The Possessionista

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Credit: Photo: Courtney Answers Questions About Ben and Their Wedding Plans (VIDEO)