Former Bachelor Charlie O'Connell has a new girlfriend. Spa director Courtney Buntin Victor, come on down!


"We ran into each other at a party and stayed up all night talking," O'Connell tells Us Weekly. He split from Sarah Brice (whom he chose on The Bachelor) this past April.


Though the relationship is long distance (he's mostly in NYC; she's in Savannah, Georgia), Charlie seems pretty happy! "We've been bouncing back and forth. It's going great. It's refreshing to be dating again." And what does he love best about her? "Her personality!" he gushes. "She's fun to be around and everyone likes her. She's real sweet, she talks to everyone."


Lest you think this isn't serious, Courtney has even met the parents. “We played Monopoly the other night, and she made one of the worst decisions that made my dad win," says O'Connell. "My dad appreciated it."

Source: Us