Light some candles and eat some carbs — today is Courtney Robertson’s 29th birthday!

While we always love to gush over the awesomeness that is Courtney and fiance Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s picture-perfect relationship, her birthday seems the perfect excuse to reveal five things we love solely about Courtney. Sorry, Ben — this is Courtney’s day!

1. She’s comfortable in her own skin.
From skinny-dipping to fantasy suites, Courtney could never be called demure. We love this video of Courtney going topless in Central America when they don traditional Panamanian necklaces. Courtney says, “When in Panama!” as she shimmies and shakes her money-maker, clearly rattling the other contestants. Love it!  

Credit: Photo: Courtney Robertson Takes Her Top off (Again) on The Bachelor 16 Group Date in Episode 6 (VIDEO)

2. She’s multi-talented like whoa.
Um, did you know that Courtney can basically do everything? That’s right  — she’s a model, actress and potential author! One day she’ll add “wife” to that list, too. Right, Ben?

3. She’s outwardly vulnerable.
We had major heartswell when Courtney shared this love letter with Ben during their season of The Bachelor. She really put herself out there, but in a way that still seemed genuine, not strictly a move to win. What girl hasn’t wanted to share her feelings like this, but lacked the nerve? You’re kind of our hero, Court!

Credit: The Bachelor TV Photo: Remember This? Courtney Robertson's Love Letter to Bachelor Ben Flajnik in Episode 2 (VIDEO)
Credit: Twitter

4. This photo.
This is her family dog Phoebe reading a tabloid. Perfection.

5. Courtney keeps it real.
Courtney’s gorgeous on the outside, sure, but beneath that she’s a genuine person who avoids fakeness and drama. Check out this pre-Bachelor video of Courtney talking about how she strives to be authentic, while letting her goofy self shine at the same time. She’s a total package — no wonder Ben considers himself a lucky man!

Credit: Kewego Photo: Before Bachelor! Courtney Robertson Models a Bikini and Explains Why She Hates Fake People (VIDEO)

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