Bachelor Pad Season 2 lovebirds Holly Durst and Blake Julian’s Hawaiian holiday begins now!

On Thursday, December 22, the cute couple tweeted their excitement at finally leaving the unfavorable South Carolina drizzle.

Blake: “8 days in Hawaii? Yes please! Merry Christmas to all.”

Holly: “Headed to the airport in the rain. I can't wait for the hawaiian sun tomorrow!”

Followed by: “Hey @ashhebert we are taking you and JP with us to Hawaii ;)” and this saucy snap:

Credit: Holly Durst's Twitter Photo: Holly Durst and Blake Julian on Their Way to Hawaii on December 22, 2011

Holly ended her tweetfest by saying:: “I hope the guy sitting next to us likes PDA.”

Well, if he doesn’t... he’s in for a loooong flight! Have a good trip, you two!

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