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Blake Julian and Holly Durst are killing us softly with their non-stop adorableness. First they hooked up on Bachelor Pad 2 and we were all "awwwww!" Then they got engaged during Bachelor Pad's season finale and we were all "yesssss!" And then they tied the knot during a fabulous wedding in Greenville, South Carolina, and we were just like "DHSJDHJSKAH."

Bachelor Nation doesn't exactly have a great track record when it comes to couples staying together, but Blake and Holly are beating the odds. They're head over heels in love, and recently hit Charlotte, North Carolina, for a night out on the town!

Check out this picture of the happy couple livin' it up North Cackalacky style, and try not to be blinded by Holly's ample assets. Also, shout out to Julian for wearing what that hilarious vest circa WWII. Epaulettes have never been so stylish.

Source: Instagram

Holly Durst & Blake Jullian - South Carolina Wedding Same Day Edit from IMAGIQUE on Vimeo.

Credit: Daniel Boswell / Imagique Weddings Photo: Watch Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst and Blake Julian Exchange Wedding Vows! (VIDEO)