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Have you ever wondered how Bachelor Sean Lowe got such strokable abs? Well, it's all thanks to a mysterious man named Sagi Kalev. This Israeli-born trailer can be credited for gifting Sean his rockin' bod, and they've been working super hard to get boyfriend in tip top lady-swooner shape.

"Working with Sean, I knew that he was going to be under a lot of pressure," Sagi tells The Huffington Post. "That’s a lot of stress. The difference between training him and training anyone else, you have to take your shirt off and you have to work on so many different avenues. You have to work on your confidence."

Hear that? You have to take your shirt off. Sigh, working with Sean is so hard. "He's a very caring guy," Sagi says. "He's very pleasant and he's very intelligent. He's very sincere. To be a great trainer you really have to care about other people and listen, and Sean really listens."

Do you want to look like as fit ‘n' fine as Sean? Check out Sagi's pro-tips for whipping your body into shape! That's right, soon Kim Kardashian's butt can be yours with some simple Bulgarian Squats.

Bikini season, here we come!

Source: The Huffington Post

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