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The Bachelor Season 17 finale was like a fairytale for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici — you know, except for the part where Sean’s mom basically told Seanie to take a hard pass on both Catherine and Lindsay Yenter. So, how does she feel about the fact that Sean asked Catherine to be his wife anyway?

“She was really excited,” Sean told reporters on a conference call. “I actually called her while we were still in Thailand and told her. And she's excited. Well, that’s a relief! Especially considering Sean is hoping that his dad or grandfather will officiate his wedding. But that’s not to say Sean doesn’t understand what fueled his mom’s feelings.

Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Sean Lowe and His Mom Walk in Thailand in The Bachelor Season 17 Finale

“She — I think she was nervous and stressed out because she didn't really comprehend what my feelings truly were for — for either girl and she just wants the best for her son,” the Bachelor babe explains. “And that's why, you know, she said maybe you shouldn't choose either one. She just didn't want me to make a mistake that I would regret. And I think it's clear to her now that I — I didn't make a mistake and she's really happy.”

So glad to hear it. Sean’s dad’s declaration that he would “love Catherine as his own daughter” was pretty much the cutest thing ever. With his mom on board, we’re officially jealous of all future family dinners.

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