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On The Bachelorette, Sean Lowe’s officially stated occupation was “insurance agent,” which is not exactly the sexiest profession we can think of. Owner of a custom furniture store, though? That’s a little more like it. It reminds us of the ruggedly manly Aidan Shaw from Sex and the City (whom we’d choose over Mr. Big any day, not that you asked).

Along with two friends, Sean Lowe is part owner of The Factory Girl in Dallas, an online fashion and furniture store. Siblings Jessie and Clay Silver are the CEO and COO, respectively, while Sean is President of the company.

One of Sean’s chief duties is brand management and expanding the company’s profile, and a genius way to do that is showing off the merchandise. Apparently Sean’s entire swanky bachelor pad is decorated with custom-made furnishings from The Factory Girl.

Credit: Instagram

And we have to say, some of the pieces in the online showroom are so nice, we’re going to have to ask someone to hide our credit cards from us.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Sean Lowe's Furniture Store, The Factory Girl

Seriously, Sean, you should really start leading with the whole “custom furniture retailer” gig when you introduce yourself!

Source: Sean Lowe’s Instagram, The Factory Girl

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