Credit: Mark Wessels/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney Photo: Brad Lifts Emily After Proposing to Her in The Bachelor Season 15 Finale

Yes! Brad Womack proposed to adorable single mom Emily Maynard in The Bachelor Season 15 finale. Four months later they are still engaged, but their relationship is not without its probems.

In the "After the Final Rose" special, the new couple was frank about their issues: Every Monday night after Emily watched the latest episode of her season, Brad had to reassure her (over the phone) that he fell for her — and no one else. It must have been tough watching her fiance kiss 20 other women during his redux run as the Bachelor, but that is kinda the name of the game.

We hope Emily stops doubting Brad and that she and her new man make things work in the real world — at least for little Ricki's sake. Good luck, guys!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Flashback! Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Get Engaged on The Bachelor Season 15 Finale (VIDEO)