Credit: Photo via Photo: Courtney Robertson of The Bachelor Season 16 Poses for a Photo

At this point it doesn't sound like Courtney Robertson is really doing anything to deserve a "villain" title. At least... nothing we've been shown.

ABC shared a new sneak peek video of The Bachelor Season 16 showing Courtney getting a date card for one of the first individual dates of Episode 2. ABC even titles the video “Mean Girl Sneak Peek.”

Before the card comes in, we see Courtney saying she wants a date with Ben Flajnik. "I had good interactions with him — and I'm also really competitive, and I usually win. Winning!"

Kacie Boguskie reads the card in front of a group of girls: "Courtney, let's spin the bottle."

"He wants to kiss me!" Courtney jokes, adding to Kacie, "How'd that taste comin' out of your mouth?" Kacie seems upset by the comment — if that's indeed the comment she's referring to when she says, "When I said Courtney's name, there was kind of a shocked silence in the room. She made a comment  and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way because she doesn't even know me very well."

Erika Uhlig tells the camera that Courtney isn’t a “real person” — her justification for that being that Courtney was trying to deflate everyone who didn't get a date and was intentionally getting under their skin.

Well, yeah. It's classic Bachelor/ette trash talk. They all do it every season — they get excited for their dates and then talk about them when they come back even though no one wants to hear about it. Why blame Courtney when they're all going to do it if it's ever their turn?

What do you think? Are you feeling the Courtney drama or does it seem overblown at this point?

Credit: ABC Photo: Courtney Robertson Irritates Kacie Boguskie — Sneak Peek of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2 [VIDEO]

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