Credit: Doug Cartwright on Twitter Photo: Emily Maynard and Michelle Money's Brother, Doug Cartwright, in a Photo Tweeted on September 30, 2011

Season 15 Bachelor winner Emily Maynard has been spending a lot of time with Michelle Money’s brother, Doug lately. (If their pictures together on Twitter are any indication, that is.)

But are these two actually an item?

At first glance, it appears so. On September 30, Doug tweeted, “Missin my woman @RickisMommy love you babe #CantFightLove

This comes only a few days after he posted a fan tweet, “@jeg8806: @Doug_Cartwright are you really with Emily?! U wish her the best @RickisMommy” and responded, “YES! I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!!”

Credit: Doug Cartwright on Twitter Photo: Emily Maynard and Michelle Money’s Brother, Doug Cartwright, in New York City on September 25, 2011

Doug and Emily took a number of pictures together during Graham Bunn’s 46NYC Lemonade Stand this past weekend. On Septemeber 25, Doug even  wrote, “Love my girlfriend @RickisMommy #You'reA10”

Then again, they might just be trying to mess with people.

On Septemeber 25, Doug wrote “If any of the tabloids ask, I am in a relationship with @RickisMommy #truelove

This came not soon after he wrote to her: @RickisMommy I feel like you and @MoneyMichelle would be great as sisters in law! #dreamgirl #sweetheart #marryme

Emily replied @Doug_Cartwright @moneymichelle weird! I always felt the same way! Maybe we should get married? no pressure.”

So is Emily and Doug’s relationship just one big ongoing Twitter joke? Perhaps. Though, they could be making making light of the situation just to throw us off!

Is the whole thing a hoax, or are Doug and Emily in a relationship?