Credit: Splash News

Every season, The Bachelor holds a special Women Tell All episode, where eliminated contestants get the chance to sound off over the whole season — giving their perspective on everything that’s gone down so far.

The Women Tell All has never been about the final two contestants. They haven’t even been allowed at the taping... until now. During tonight’s Bachelor Season 16 WTA, host Chris Harrison shocked the women when he announced that final 2 contestant Courtney Robertson would be joining the show.

From a ratings perspective, it makes sense. Courtney is great for ratings. She makes for awesome TV. But is it really fair that she gets to come back? This season has pretty much turned into The Courtney Show already. Doing the WTA without her would have given the other girls some much-needed time to shine.

That said, it wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting of an episode to watch without her... would it?