Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Ben Flajnik Gives Kacie Boguskie a Rose in the Bachelor Season 16 Premiere

Now, we’re about as romantic as the rest of y’all. And that little southern darlin’ Kacie Boguskie is just an absolute peach. But, and pardon us if we’re bein’ a lil’ too forward, aren’t ch’all worried that Miss Kacie might be fallin’ for Ben Flajnik just a touch quick?

In all honesty, they do make quite the attractive pair, but she seemed to be head-over-heels immediately. Are we jaded? Is this what love at first sight is like? Or is this just how southern women display their affections and we don’t know because we live in the cold, so cold, north country?

Tell us: Is Kacie falling for Ben too quickly?