Credit: @FactoryGirl Photo: Sean Lowe Works It at The Factory Girl on December 11, 2012

What the world needs now is Lowe, sweet Lowe. Sean Lowe, that is. Lots and lots of pictures of hot, sexy Sean — preferably shirtless.

So, if you want to see some grainy, square pictures of Sean doing Sean things, you should follow him on Instagram! His handle is @seanloweksu. (The KSU probably stands for Sean’s alma mater, Kansas State University.)

With a cursory review of his recent pics, “Sean things” include hanging out with babies, watching basketball, and enjoying distressed furniture. We don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, Sean, but there are entirely too few pics of your sweaty abs here. We demand that you post more “just killed it at the gym” photos.

Seriously, each shirtless pic will put us one step closer to world peace.