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Adorable actress / singer Emmy Rossum is Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe's biggest fan (other than us, naturally), and girlfriend got a huge surprise when Sean called her up to chat during On Air With Ryan Seacrest!

We know, life is unfair. First girlfriend gets a Sean-shaped pillow and now this? We can't even talk about it.

Of course, Emmy got right down to business and asked Sean a series of grueling questions, including whether or not he was surprised by his ex-girlfriend Tierra LiCausi's recent engagement. “It doesn’t shock me," Sean said while Emmy swooned at the sound of his dulcet tones. "She was the one that was like, ‘I can get engaged.’ So, she’s truthful!”

Sigh, Sean. So diplomatic! And while it's true that Tierra has always claimed that guys love her, we'd hardly describe her as truthful. Words we would use to describe Tierra? Toes, cold, cold toes, eyebrows, forehead worries.

Source: On Air With Ryan Seacrest