Warning: Spoilers below!

Credit: ABC

Emily Maynard bawled her eyes out while dumping Sean Lowe (who, for his part, remained pretty stoic) on The Bachelorette Season 8 in Curacao. Emily went on to accept Jef Holm’s proposal, before breaking it off in October — and Sean went on to become the next Bachelor.

Credit: ABC

Thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we now know Sean is engaged to Seattleite Catherine Giudici, a surprise choice for a guy who seemed overly “proper” (his words) and borderline boring (ours) during Emily’s season. Why a surprise, you might ask? Because Catherine is, by all accounts, a cheerful spitfire who works hard at Amazon by day, blogs about food in her spare time, and runs marathons on the weekends. Emily Maynard A quiet southern belle she’s not.

We can’t help but look back at Sean’s Bachelorette almost-fiancee while totally falling for his Bachelor-anointed bride-to-be. In many ways, Catherine and Emily couldn’t be more different. Catherine hails from the Pacific Northwest, has long brown hair, and is a professional business lady. Emily, meanwhile, is a stay-at-home mom (a job in its own right), sports fab blonde locks, and is rarely spotted out without makeup on.

Who do you prefer for Sean: Catherine or Emily? Sound off below!

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