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Can you believe it’s been MONTHS since Tierra LiCausi graced our televisions on the reg as The Bachelor Season 17’s resident sparkler? Neither can we. And while we’ve tried to forget some of the more awkward moments involving the infamous Tierra (and her trusty sidekick, The Eyebrow Kid), we do wonder about her daily. So, let’s take a peek into her life and ask a few questions we can easily answer.

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First of all, it was a pretty big shocker when T$ popped back into our lives a little heavier — like, four carats, that is! When we heard that Tierra was engaged, we couldn’t believe it. One moment, we saw her fawning over Sean Lowe, the next she was flashing her bling all over Instagram. So, what’s the deal — is she still on track for a walk down the aisle? All signs point to yes, considering Tierra is still posting photos of her manicured left hand, with bling for days.

Although she revealed to Chris Harrison on the “Women Tell All” special that she has a wedding date, we haven’t heard when that is — or gotten the invitation we assume is coming our way any day now.

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But her wedding isn’t the only thing Tierra has to look forward to. Girlfriend is following in the footsteps of fashionistas like Emily Maynard by launching her very own line of bling. "In the works!" Tierra posted to Instagram on April 30, about new line 4ev3ryours. "#soexcited #4ev3ryours #business #sparkle #openheart #diamond #bling."

It seems the line will feature sparkly clothing and jewelry? It’s unclear, but that’s to be expected. One more thing she has to be excited about? Um, a new car, apparently. Tees posted a picture of a silver Beamer with the caption “#obsessed #BMW6series#dreamsdocometrue #bmw.”

So, to recap: she’s engaged, starting a business, and has a sweet ride. Touche, Tierra, touche...

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