Credit: via The Bachelor TV’s Twitter Photo: Kacie Boguskie and Ben Flajnik Get Close During Their First Date, From The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2

Last year around this time, Ashley Hebert was starting to show jealousy, possession, and anger at her fellow bachelorettes for the audacity of trying to date Brad Womack on The Bachelor Season 15.

Chris Harrison called it the Great First Date Syndrome.

As he described it in his blog last year, “I’ve noticed in the past that having the first date is great, but when it goes well — which Ashley’s did — it then makes it hard to go back to the house and wait and watch all the other girls start to date your man. Ashley will begin to struggle with this like many have before her.”

Kacie Boguskie got the first date of Ben Flajnik’s Season 16 and she is starting to display signs of the syndrome. (Is it too late for Emily O'Brien to sanitize it out of her?) Do you think emotional Kacie will end up sabotaging herself ala Ashley or is it JP Rosenbaum-esque jealousy from someone who is destined to be Ben’s #1?

What do you think? Is it a good sign when a bachelor/ette gets all “Sookie is mine!!!” about the mini rosemaster or should they back off and accept that “the process” by its very nature includes many dates and make-out sessions with other people?

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