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When it comes to The Bachelorette hometown dates, former Bachelor contestant turned blogger Jenna Burke doesn’t mess around. In her latest recap for Life & Style she confesses, “I choose to watch [The Bachelorette] in solitude. Why? Because I take this show that seriously. No, I really do.” We feel you, Jenna — no, we really do.

According to Jenna, “We all knew that poor Chris [Bukowski] was a goner.” But where she’s iffy is Sean Lowe, stating, “Sean is perfect, inside and out, but I don't feel like he is ideal for Emily [Maynard].” Jenna’s even gone so far as measure Sean against Emily’s ex-bachelor finance, Brad Womack. She explains,

I got some beef on Twitter for comparing Sean and Brad Womack, but I wasn't comparing their personalities, I was only comparing their interactions with Emily. Sean's family was a "breath of fresh air" kind of family, but I didn't see Emily fitting in.

Similarly, Jenna thinks Arie Luyendyk, Jr. has promising chemistry with Emily, but she didn’t see things clicking with his family, particularly his mother. Jenna writes,

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I was hoping Arie's family would solidify that connection even more, but it didn't seem like Emily was feeling very comfortable around them, especially when Arie's mother brought up Brad Womack. Sick burn.

Bottom line: “Emily should marry Jef [Holm].” Between their “adorable banter,“ Jef’s attention to Emily’s legs as he was “pretending to fix her dress,” and the effortless way “they consistently made each other laugh,“ Jenna is sold on Jef — hook, line and sinker.

But, wait — what’s Jenna’s real Team Jef clincher?

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I can't even deal with the letter Jef wrote to Emily. Trust me, I usually cringe in these moments and act as if love is so lame....I guess fairy tales do come true. After hometowns, I'm guessing Emily and Jef Holm are going all the a proposal, that is.

Indeed, Jef seems like a solid bet, but we still have overnight dates in Curacao and the live finale on July 22nd. Until then, we’ll sit silently in a room, rocking back and forth, anxiously waiting for more Bachelorette — care to join us, Jenna?

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