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For former Bachelor contestant turned blogger Jenna Burke, The Bachelorette overnight dates is always “the most intense episode.” In her latest recap for Life & Style she gushes, “Emily Maynard's last men standing were Jef [Holm], Arie [Luyendyk, Jr.] & Sean [Lowe]. Swoon.” Then she adds, “I'm certain that if these three magically morphed into one person, Brad Pitt would become unemployed, David Beckham would stop taking off his shirt and Robert Pattinson would shave his head. Too much?” Not hardly, Jenna — in fact, bring it!

Check out Jenna’s insights on Emily’s Final Three:


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Emily's first date was with Sean, a.k.a. "The Perfect Man." Mr. Perfect's one mistake: delaying his profession of love to Emily, which Jef and Arie already had. I see nothing wrong with waiting and actually saying it when you mean it. I think many people drop the "L bomb" just to get ahead. [...] Sean was being sweet, especially after he professed his love for Emily, but after a few months, I could see them talking about global warming and taxes.


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Watching Arie and Emily's date, I saw a lot of infatuation and lust. And although I think Arie is a colossal catch, I don't think what he and Emily share is love, nor is it being in love. Eventually, the intense kisses would start losing their passion, and I could absolutely see them resorting to conversations beginning with "Um." Their attraction is based on what they want to be versus who they really are.


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Their connection is rare, unique and, more important, different than Emily's connection with Sean and Arie. It just seems as if Jef and Emily see things in each other that is not visible to anyone else.

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