We’ve already established that Jennifer Lawrence is our spirit animal / life coach / etiquette instructor / eating idol, but did you also know that she is our reality show-loving twin? Because she is. Yep, it must be said and appreciated: Jennifer Lawrence loves The Bachelor and longs to run her hand through the Chris Harrison empire’s tousled locks of love.

At this little event she and Chris were at last weekend — um, the Oscars — she approached His Royal Roseness and basically fangirled all over his silk shirt. “Jennifer Lawrence was awesome. I was so blown away by her performance and I was really looking forward to meeting her,” Chris Harrison tells TV Guide.

Awesome? Next, you’re going to call her special and say she’s a great girl, right? Well, sort of “And then she walks up and she tells me how much she loves[the show]. I'm like, ‘You like The Bachelor?’ and she was like, ‘Duh, I'm a girl.’” See, she would have appreciated Sean Lowe buying her shell necklaces and lotion too...

Source: TV Guide