Bachelor alum Kacie Boguskie has been busily blogging about the new season of The Bachelorette. The insight of someone who’s been behind the scenes before is like none other — and Kacie’s southern sweetness doesn’t hurt either!

We rounded up all of Kacie’s priceless reactions to Emily Maynard’s first dates in Episode 2

On Emily’s first one-on-one date: Kacie hearts Southern hunk Ryan Bowers
I’m secretly hoping it doesn’t go well for selfish reasons... Ryan looked adorable in his V-neck shirt and shorts… I’d have wanted an actual date for the first date. But it does show everyday life I guess.... I think they covered some good topics [during dinner], but I thought that the delivery of some of the questions were awkward. But I think that Ryan has a good head on his shoulders.”

On Emily’s first group date: The Bachelorette clearly has a fave
“ I think that Charlie [Grogan] is adorable, he was very open about his stage fright and Emily appreciated it... And, how adorable was Jef’s proposal to Miss Piggy?... At the ‘night’ portion of the date ­– Emily seems to have been [looking for one guy]. When she finally found Jef [Holm], she was very awkward…”

On Emily’s second one-on-one date: Poor Joe!
“Joe really seems to like Emily and have her best interest at heart.  The guy would move to where she is for crying out loud. But I guess if the spark isn’t there she’ll send you packing, which is good… ”

BONUS: On  Kalon McMahon (aka “Chopper”):
Kalon…gag me[.]”


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