“Look at the bling on that finger!” teased Kacie over Twitter. Needless to say, fans of the Southern beauty instantly heard wedding bells. One follower even asked, “Are you trying to trick guys into putting a ring on it by making it sparkly and noticeable?”

Uh, excuse me, but Kacie doesn’t need to trick any guy in putting a ring on it... although we’re not so sure we won’t try the “trick” ourselves. Hmm...

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When she was on Season 16 of The Bachelor, 24-year-old Kacie Boguskie was ready to become the future Mrs. Ben Flajnik. Unfortunately (or... fortunately?), that didn’t pan out, and Ben put a ring on Courtney Robertson’s finger.

Well she may not have the man (although we’re sure she has her pick of them *cough* Ryan Park), Kacie’s now got the bling — well, her version of it.