A great philosopher once said:

“After the show it’s the after party...”

Actually, that was Jay-Z. But the phrase held true for Monday night's 3-hour televised Bachelor Season 16 finale extravaganza, after which some very well-known faces appeared on ABC.com’s “After Party: The Bachelor” show to sound off on Ben Flajnik’s final decision between Courtney Robertson and Lindzi Cox. And one of the special guests included the woman with whom he shared “the toughest goodbye,Kacie Boguskie!

Credit: WENN.com Photo: Kacie Boguskie Dances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show During a February 29, 2012 Appearance

How did she react to his pick... and the post-finale drama that has followed them? Especially if his Chosen One is the very woman she described as “manipulative.

The web special aired at 11 pm (EST) and also ncluded  appearances by fan favorites such as the woman who first broke Ben’s heart on national television, Ashley Hebert, Ashley’s Bachelorette Season 7 fiancee JP Rosenbaum, Bachelor Pad 2 winner Michael Stagliano, Ryan Park... and The Rosemaster himself, Chris Harrison!

So if you haven't checked them out, stock up on some extra bottles of wine and check out the vids below! And there's even more at ABC.com.

Credit: ABC Photo: Kacie B. on Ben and Courtney's Engagement: "I Think They're Meant to Be Together" (VIDEO)




Credit: ABC Photo: The Bachelor After Party: Ashley and JP Relate to the Challenges Ben and Courtney Faced (VIDEO)

Source:  ABC.com



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