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Emily Maynard's love life is taking America by storm — and by America we mean Bachelor Nation, home of the brave. The entire world is waiting with bated breath to find out who Emily chooses as her future hubby (pick Jef, pick Jef!), and no one is more pumped than The Bachelor's Kacie B.

Like most of us ladies, Kacie is overwhelmed by Sean's southern manners and washboard abs (if only Michael Nance was around to shampoo his hair on them). "He stole my heart on Speakers Corner," Kacie writes in her Bachelorette recap. "You could tell he was uncomfortable, but he did such a great job, he’d better get the rose!"

Credit: ABC via WENN

Kacie sounds pretty passionate about Sean, but she's saving up the good stuff for Kalon. "He deserves the ‘Go West Virginia, hood rat, backwoods on his A$$’ that is coming," she writes. "I applaud her for standing up for her family and Ricky and kicking him out right then and there. Kalon, KICK ROCKS… and buy a filter."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Kacie! But it's time to talk about The Bachelorette's rising star, Jef Holm. Sounds like Kacie's falling hard for this dream boat, and she can't wait to see more! "Jef seems so cool and chill, he’s not someone I’d date, but would love to dance party with," she writes. "He is def sweet and genuine and deep… I’m digging him, and it seems Emily is too now."

Yep, Jef is loved by backwoods hood rats the world over.

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