Jack-of-all-trades Michael Stagliano has now added “blogger” to the long list of hats he wears. Each week, he’ll chronicle all the backstabbing, tongue-lashing, and face-palming involved in an episode of Bachelor Pad 3 — for this, Stag, we thank you!

Check out these highlights from his blog of behind-the-scenes thoughts on the Bachelor Pad 3 premiere:

On Newbies vs. Vets:

By the second day we were all mingling together and there was no separation between Alumni and Fans AT ALL, socially. Strategically, that is another story: After the first competition ‘Fall out of Love’ (a repeat-of-sorts from BP2’s 1st challenge ‘Hook Up’) the house naturally became divided after David and ‘Brerica’ won.

On David Mallett’s Strategy:

It put a target on his back, as well as all the other rookies. Guilty by association. Maybe we seemed harsh in our counter-actions to get all the rookies off, but honestly, we did not initiate that plan. David really did bring it on himself. Such a nice guy, NOT the best gamer!

On Erica Rose’s Beef With David:

[T]hat moment at the pool when we are all getting along, hanging out, having fun, and Erica walks up in front of EVERYONE and calls David out. It was SO AWKWARD. Again, we all liked David, he was a sweet heart and star-struck, loving every moment, and he made a blunder strategically, which we countered really nicely. I specifically pulled Erica aside to tell her she was safe... and then she STILL took it upon herself to say those things to David. "You're an ugly loser"...

On Kalon McMahon, "The Villain”:

Credit: ABC/TODD WAWRYCHUK Photo: Kalon McMahon and His Porsche in Bachelor Pad Season 3, Episode 1

Huge props to the guys on the season, incredibly cool, laid back, stand up guys (YES! That includes Kalon!). Kalon was nothing but nice, humble and selfless to me, and while America sees him as a villain... it is my hope you will see another side of him on BP3.

Source: Parade

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