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Molly Mesnick is just a couple months away from becoming a first-time mother, and the Bachelor Season 13 vet couldn’t be more excited to welcome her first child with hubby Jason Mesnick.

Jason and Molly’s baby is due in March 2013, and Wetpaint Entertainment recently spoke exclusively at “Cocktails at the Mansion” with the mom-to-be about what she’s craving the most — sorry to disappoint, but there’s no Jessica Simpson-style Pop Tarts and salt-covered cantaloupe cravings here — and what she’ll do to get back to her svelte pre-pregnancy figure.

Are you having any major pregnancy cravings?
Molly: I haven’t had any cravings. Not a single craving. I think if anything’s been different, I never ate sweets before. I was always a salty kind of person and I always have to have dessert now.  I think that’s probably the most different.

Any particular dessert?
Molly: Well, I just love chocolate brownies. I could have a brownie every day.

People are crazy now about body after baby.  Are you obsessed with your weight situation?
Molly: I’m not obsessed. I’ve obviously thought about it. I think what I’ve realized with being pregnant is how much I want to care about my body afterwards. You know, I’ve been taken over by this other person and I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to have my body back so I’ll definitely get right into working out once it’s okay for me to do that.