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How do we love Natalie Getz? Let us count the ways! One — for her candid insight about Emily Maynard and her Bachelorette boys. Two —  for her keen fashion sense. Three — for making no apologies for her opinions. In other words — we love you and your Bachelorette blog, Natalie! Let’s see what this former Bachelor contestant has to say about Emily’s Hometown dates.

For real, Natalie loves herself some Chris Bukowski, essentially begging him to marry her, while defending his sister’s attempts to keep his heart from too hard a trampling:  

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Rene ... told Emily if it’s not Chris, then to end it asap.  She just destroyed his chance for next Bachelor!  I’d be like, if you don’t like my bro, have him make it to the final two so he can pick from a litter of bitches.  Good one, Rene.  JK- she is actually saying the right stuff and is being totally real and sincere because she cares for her ridiculously gorgeous brother.


Natalie adds that “Chris’ family successfully won my heart,” no wonder she’s smitten with him!

After swooning over the adorable belted dress Emily wore to her date with Jef Holm on Holmstead Ranch, she also gives Jef props for his skinny jeans, saying “He is one of few guys who can not only pull this off, but make it look damn good.” Beyond their outfits, Natalie sees something special happening between these two. She says,

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Jef takes Emily to a serene area where he professes his love for her through notes he took on the plane. He is basically is every girl’s dream.  As he pours his heart out, I can’t help but be incredibly envious of what him and Emily have!  After this hometown date, I would be completely shocked if Emily doesn’t end up with Jef for the long haul.  They have conversations that I never see on this show.  It’s real and easy flowing unlike watching Brad (bless his heart) and his dull social skills.

Not that we’re at Womack level of awkwardness, but solid social skills weren’t exactly on full display on Emily’s date with Arie Luyendyk, Jr as he and his mom spoke about Emily in Dutch right in front of her! After revealing his nerves surrounding Emily meeting his family, Natalie is shocked at how well everyone embraced Emily, and chalked it up to a Sean Lowe-style practical joke: “OHHHHH Arie!  You funny boy.  His family seems super nice and welcoming, and they absolutely LOVED Emily.” Yeah, except for that whole making-her-feel-alienated-by-speaking-a-foreign-language thing — the Arie date went swimmingly!

While Arie’s date was almost perfect, just like Emily Natalie thinks that Sean’s family might actually be perfect — especially at dishing out pranks. She writes,

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I’m thoroughly impressed by his family’s ability to keep such game faces at this time!  I thought this was hysterical and a genius move on Sean’s part to lighten the load on her after meeting his entire family for the first time.  Sean continues to show Emily his room and claims, “I wish my mom would have picked up a little bit.”  AMAZING! LMAO!  He totally had her, and this was the perfect prank to play on a single mom.  As if Emily wants to be a mother to him. 


While Natalie is “super-bummed” that Chris was sent packing, she does console herself with the news that he’ll be bobbling away on Bachelor Pad 3 in just a few short weeks. Until then, Natalie’s torn between Arie and Jef — admitting that Sean wasn’t ever in her final three.

Though we think she’s more taken with Arie’s dad than anyone when she says, “I’m off to douse myself in holy water to get rid of my impure thoughts about Arie’s father.” We’re blushing!

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