We love Natalie Getz for many reasons, but mostly because she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is — which she does weekly on her show Gossip With Getz featured on TheTVSpot.com!  We couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say about Monday’s drama-packed episode of The Bachelorette.

Natalie didn’t mince words, citing “zero chemistry between Travis [Pope] and Emily [Maynard],” Sure, he’s not boyfriend/fiance/husband material, but even Emily thought he could be a great friend. Nope, Natalie didn’t even see that on their first date: “They didn't even look like they had fun as friends. Plus, he licked her ice cream cone.  Yuck!”  We tend to agree — save the cone-licking till at least the second date, buddy!

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is still going strong at the top of Natalie’s list:

Credit: ABC via WENN

[He] stood out the most [on the group date]!  Sure, he didn't do great in the games, but who the f*** cares about those stupid challenges?! He stood out because him and Emily have the most passion.  He should have received the rose!

As for Ryan Bowers, Natalie fears for his future wife!  When prompted by the trophy wife comments, Natalie responded, if he’s that particular, “[His] future wife will probably develop an eating disorder.” Maybe a reality show about Mr. and Mrs. Bowers?  It certainly wouldn’t lack drama!

Just when Ryan had the chance to redeem himself after being denied a rose, he blew that too, according to Natalie.  

Credit: ABC via WENN

He begged her for hours to keep him around because he wanted to be the next Bachelor.  Little did he know, the producers were f***ing with him the whole time.  They even showed him begging them to give him a good edit in the limo exit.  Genius.

Even though Ryan made his own bed, we’re still slightly bummed we won’t be seeing him on Bachelor Pad this summer... that would have made for some great TV!

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