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Natalie Getz has done a pretty good job of establishing herself as Bachelor Nation’s voice of fashion reason following her short-lived journey on Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor. That’s why she’s been commissioned by the official Bachelor site to once again recap the good, the bad, and the ugly on Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor 16... and she’s not holding back any punches (not that we would have it any other way).

The sassy Bachelor Pad 1 winner has already identified many fashion crimes committed by Ben’s ladies, like this one from Episode 2:

I am positive I wouldn’t wear [Blakeley Shea’s] romper even behind closed doors. That low cut romper screams, ‘Take me home, Benny-boo!” Not, “I want to meet your mom and mother your future child.’


OK, maybe not deep. But totally true and probably what you were thinking, right?

Here’s her list of the worst fashion violations committed on The Bachelor 16 SO FAR (or what Natalie calls the “Bachelor Threads of Shame”).

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Amber T. Meets Ben on The Bachelor Season 16

Amber T.’s Yellow Zebra Print Dress (Episode 1)   

Kacie Boguskie’s Crew Neck Cardigan Combo (Episode 2)  

Blakeley’s House of “Horror” Romper (Episode 2)  

Erika Uhlig (aka The Fainter)’s “DWTS” Costume (Episode 3)

Jennifer Fritsch's Aztec print, Monica Spannbauer frumpy flowers, and Jamie Otis's prom dress (Episode 4)

Jamie Otis's " Gadzooks knocked up Forever 21 " dress (Episode 5)


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