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The time has come to cast your mind back to that fated day when Bachelor Pad 3 first waltzed into our lives. Remember Ryan The Virgin? You know, the one who fell in love with Jamie Otis and baked her a cake? Well, he is still trolling around and, yes, he is still a virgin. But before you start feeling all kinds of sad, know this: Natalie Getz loves him.

This former Bachelor Pad winner notes than Ryan is "one of the more attractive guys in the cast," and also throws major shade at Jamie for treating him badly during the finale. "I can’t believe the disrespect Jamie gives him after all that he did for her on her birthday," she says. "The harsh actions Jamie showed towards him tonight were unwarranted and insanely rude. Don’t worry Ryan, someone with glued jewels on their face was mean to you. That doesn’t even count."

But wait, Natalie's harsh words don't stop there. Like the rest of us, she was horrified by Jamie's outfit. Nat muses,

Let’s talk more about the face jewels. NO, never mind. Let’s not. It’s making me upset...From the ridiculously fake eyelashes, to the headpiece, to the glued on face jewels, to the very unattractive, larger than life earrings, to the mess keeping her from being naked some might call a dress, Jamie goes down in history as the worst dressed person not only on Bachelor Pad, but on all TV in general." Yikes, them's fighting words!

Credit: ABC via WENN

So, what does Natalie think about her friend Michael Stagliano's relationship with Rachel Truehart? "I know Michael very well, so I know he wouldn’t lead someone on intentionally or be malicious to a woman," she explains. "He was probably caught up in the moment, which is easy to do on this show. Trust me!"

Natalie might have Michael's back, but she's on Rachel's side when it comes to Nick "Crazy Eyes" Peterson. "Nick could have been a lot more sensitive towards Rachel and done this is a lighter way, but I guess he assumed he had to go big or go home with how he was going to handle this shocking turn of events," Natalie says. "I’m so confused. I’m so ready to be done with Bachelor for a while."

You're alone on that one, girl. Can it please be January already?

Source: Natalie's Bachelor Blog