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Oh, Natalie Getz — you’re the little Bachelor Pad  blogger that could. We love your commentary on how the game is played, since you played the game so expertly yourself! This week she’s really attacking many of the contestants’ strategies in Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 4.

Play with your mind not your heart, people!

On the Game Show Challenge:

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I was wondering why on Earth this show would want to create a challenge that is so intentionally mean and hurtful. Well…the sad truth is because people like to see other people get their feelings hurt. I like to watch people make an ass out of themselves, because that’s their own fault.  But, watching someone get called names by others and get their feelings hurt for no reason at all?  Well now, that’s just cruel.  I actually find challenges like this to be disturbing and harmful to the cast.  I went through this on my season and had my feelings hurt more than they ever had been before in my entire life.  Needless to say, I did not enjoy watching this challenge for a second.

On Blakeley Jones and Chris Bukowski:

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She keeps saying, “He is MY partner!”  What she doesn’t understand is this:  if she would just chill out, she would notice that they have the perfect partnership.  He is still flirting with other girls keeping their partnership looking less threatening.  David Good and I both did our own thing romantically, but that didn’t change the fact that we were still an alliance.  The romance and flirting was the fun aspect.  The partnership and strategizing was the game part.

On Jaclyn Swartz’s Lack of Strategy:

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In my opinion, Jaclyn made a HUGE mistake asking Ed on the date.  She was thinking emotionally, not strategically. She and Ed are partners and that is not going to change.  They already have a strong alliance and right at this moment she could have easily controlled the game and got her and Ed to the final two couples. She should have chosen Michael or Kalon to go on the date so that she could form a 4-man alliance to the end.  Taking Michael or Kalon could have secured trust now that the game is getting serious.  Knowing that her partner is already safe and has the power as well, they should have chatted earlier and he could have taken Lindzi or Rachel.

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