Bachelor Pad 1 Winner Natalie Getz, gets it (see what we did there?). This lady chimes in every week with some astute, yet hilarious commentary about The Bachelorette.  Her take on Episode 5 in London is no different — and we pulled the highlights straight from her blog.

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Her first observation is that Emily Maynard and Sean Lowe’s date starts off as a bit of a snoozer. She complains, “I’m practically falling asleep over here.” But once the two wrap up the sight-seeing things perk up — but not in a good way, since Emily’s already talking about how many babies she wants to have. Natalie says, “Talking about this on a first date is super weird.  She is asking him how many kids he wants…come on, Emily!  I know this is the fast track to love, BUT…wait until at least the second date.” Great point, Nat!

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Moving on to Shakespeare in the park, Natalie already has Kalon McMahon pegged as a problem: “Kalon informs us all that he is taking this audition very seriously.” She zings, “He really is this big of a tool.” Fast forward to Kalon’ “Baggage-gate” and Natalie feels that maybe Emily overreacting a bit, especially at the other guys. She explains, “I get that Emily is upset that the guys didn’t say something sooner, but she needs to relax a little bit.  The guys JUST heard Kalon say these things.” In her defense, Emily did calm down eventually.

Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Escape to a Pub in The Bachelorette Episode 5

Natalie looks like she might be rooting for Jef Holm big-time, because she outlines six of “Jef’s sweet lines” (Our favorite: “If Ricki is baggage, then she is a Chloe handbag.”) followed by a straight-up swoon over their late night date: “They have such a nerdy, awkward first kiss! AWW!  He talked about it before her did it, how stinkin’ cute!  These two are so adorable!” We think Natalie’s Team Jem, whether she knows it or not!

Some more of Natalie’s stray observations from her blog

Doug Clerget:  Gave the most hilarious [Shakespeare] performance by far!  

Ryan Bowers:  His style this episode is almost as repulsive as his personality.

Travis Pope: He is wearing a pink polo.  He looks like the poster child for a ad. He also hangs out with eggs, so I’m not surprised.


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