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Dear ABC,

Have you seen the real Ben Flajnik? Some time between The Bachelorette Season 7 finale and The Bachelor Season 16 premiere, we lost him.

What we mean is, back when Ben was trying to win over Ashley Hebert’s heart, he was a funny, fun, fun-loving guy who made funny pet voices and didn’t get a horrified look at the mention of a proposal, let alone a wedding. Now all we get is a lukewarm serving of cliche lines that smell like they’re straight from the Bachelor factory. (Sorry.)

What gives? At first we thought maybe his heart was still recovering from that stomp mark Ashley left on it just before picking JP Rosenbaum over him in the end, seeing as he seems a lot more guarded/mono-emotional with the girls this season.

But then you guys stared to release “uncensored” footage of the Bachelor during his many, many travels throughout the season and we were like, “OMG! There he is!” He laughed, he joked, he made funny faces and even funnier voices. But then, come Monday night, 8/7c, he’d be gone again, looking distant and despondent as he heard the this-is-why-you-should-give-me-a-rose pitch of the moment.

Ashely once said, “the more I get to know him, the hotter he becomes.” So, please, in these final moments of Bachelor 16, let us fall in love with the Ben we used to know and the Ben you, apparently, are rationing out to us via these clips (I have enclosed them for reference). Thanks!


A Longtime Rose Lover

PS. Could you also do something about his hair before the After the Final Rose special? Clearly we’re not qualified to do it for him.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelor Gone Wild? Ben Flajnik Loses It While Taping Season 16 — Hilarious Unseen Footage!
Credit: Photo: Watch: Ben Flajnik Uncensored in Belize — Unseen Bachelor 16 Footage!
Credit: Photo: Ben Flajnik Uncensored! The Bachelor Shows Off His New Cowboy Gear (VIDEO)
Credit: The Bachelor TV Photo: Shirtless Ben Flajnik Rocks a Loin Cloth in Bachelor 16 Unseen Footage!

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