*Spoiler alert* If you’re allergic to horses and grandmas, run for cover.

Credit: Miss Chicago on Twitter Photo: Bachelor Season 16 Contestant Erica Uhlig

News is slowly trickling in as taping of The Bachelor Season 16 draws ever more closely to a close. ABC should be releasing the official cast list in early-to-mid-December (or sooner, why hold on to it?) and Reality Steve has his own spoilers to share. Today (November 3) he has details to go with some of the teasers he dished a few weeks ago.

To quote Steve’s latest blog:

- “Someone left early before a rose ceremony – Not sure of the correct spelling of this girls name, but her name was Britni.”

- “There was another private concert put on by a musician in addition to the Clay Walker concert – The performance was by Matt Nathanson.”

- “Someone passed out during a rose ceremony – This was Erica Uhlig.” [Hey, remember when David did the same thing during The Bachelorette Season 3?]

- “Someone arrived on the first night NOT in the limo – She rode in on a horse.” [If only the Old Spice guy were The Bachelor. He’d appreciate that move.]

- “The women got to spy on one of Ben’s 1-on-1 dates – This was in San Francisco. Ben had a 1-on-1 date at the Bay Bridge with one of the girls who I will reveal later. Well, it just so happened that where the girls were staying at the Fairmont, you could see directly to the Bay Bridge from the balcony outside their room, so of course, producers set up a telescope for the women to check out Ben making out with his date on the Bay Bridge.”

- “On the limo exits, someone’s grandma actually gets out of the limo first to surprise Ben. The grandma then introduces her granddaughter to Ben. – This girl will be revealed later.”

What if she’s a hot grandma? Maybe Ben Flajnik should keep her. Or maybe Nana can be the Season 8 Bachelorette?

Source: Reality Steve

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