If this new rumor is true, we just have one response — thank you, Emily Maynard!

It's Wednesday — aka tabloid rumor day — and this scoop is positive, for a change. Us Weekly (via HollywoodLife.com) says current Bachelorette Emily has been calling Bachelorette Season 6 alum Roberto Martinez and "sweet-talking" him to get him to sign the dotted line as The Bachelor. (Tip: Bring him some chocolate-chip cookies!)

“Emily told Roberto that the [Bachelorette] was the time of her life and she hates that the experience is over,” an insider tells Us. (Well, if that’s true then this probably isn’t.)

Last we heard, Reality Steve was 1,000 percent sure Roberto had the Bachelor gig for Season 17, but it sounds like Hottie Dimples isn't so sure himself. “Roberto wants to make sure he’s compensated because this is going to change his life forever,” says the source. “The show and the hype around it have gotten a lot more intense.”

No kidding. That said, look at Emily! She and Brad Womack kind of had a rough time of it during The Bachelor but Em is proving right now on Bachelorette Season 8 that you can go through this "process" and have it turn out OK. 

If Roberto just follows her lead — as opposed to, say,  Jake Pavelka’s or Ben Flajnik's leads — he'll be fine! And if they can shell out $350,000 or however much it was for Emily’s wardrobe budget, they can pay Roberto whatever it takes. 

Yes, there’s a lot of talk right now about Sean Lowe or one of Emily’s other bachelors as the Season 17 guy, but people said the same about Ben last year when Ashley Hebert dumped him, then decided he was a bad choice when he made decisions they didn’t like. It’s possible by January people will have moved past Sean or Em’s eventual runner-up, but even though Roberto hasn’t been on the show in two years, he still has staying power.

Source: Star Magazine (via HollywoodLife.com)