Credit: Photo: Shawntel Newton and Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3

Remember the book that Bachelor 15 cast off and Bachelor 16 party crasher Shawntel Newton has been teasing?

Well we’ll soon find out just how revealing Final Rose will be as it will be available in “less than a week,” Shawntel announced on her Facebook page today. But in the meantime, she shared the cover art:

Credit: via Shawntel Newton's Facebook Photo: Shawntel Newton's Cover Art for Book "Final Rose"

Seeing as the memoir will cover her  life growing up in the funeral industry, we get the cemetery setting but... how can you call your book Final Rose and not have any roses? Here are the possible reasons we came up with:

- Having been burned twice on the two separate seasons, roses trigger some sort of Bachelor version of PTSD.
- ABC makes contestants sign a contract stating that they can never use roses for promotional purposes.
- It wasn’t in the budget.
- The original title was The Final Daisy, and then someone was like, “Hey, Shawntel, you should call it The Final Rose,” and she was like, “Darn! I already shot the cover art!” and they were like, “It’s cool, no one will notice.” (That someone was Elyse Myers. B*tch!)

We kid, we kid!

Roses or no roses, we are excited to read Shawntel’s book, as we’re sure she has some serious Bachelor dish to serve up (from introducing her family to Brad Womack, only to have him dump her soon after, to taking a leap of faith to profess her intense like for Ben Flajnik three episodes into his season) — even though she was acting coy with us about whether or not she would.

Source: Facebook

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