Credit: ABC

The Bachelor's Sarah Herron is about to reunite with Sean Lowe for the first time since being auf'd from his Harem of Hotties, and girlfriend is more than a little emotional. We'll see Sarah and Sean's interaction during the The Bachelor Season 17 “Women Tell All” special (which airs tonight at 8pm ET on ABC), and as you might expect it's a straight-up sob fest.

Sarah was shocked when Sean broke her heart, especially since she had been so open about her feelings — not to mention the trials and tribulations of growing up with one arm. "I put that wall down for him. He had seen me in a more vulnerable state than I think I've ever let anybody see me," she tells Chris Harrison. "I've cried and talked about things with him that I don't talk to with my best friends about. I thought we had something else."

Credit: ABC

Sarah and Sean definitely had a connection, but sadly he just didn't see himself falling in love. "It's the worst to be told you're great, but you're not good enough for me," Sarah tells Chris. 

Do you think Sean made the wrong call by sending Sarah home? They definitely had major chemistry on their first date (you know, the one where they plunged off the side of the building?), but Sean seemed terrified when Sarah showed him pictures of her family. Clearly, he has some explaining to do, because Sarah still seems distraught and confused by his decision. Hopefully Sean will comfort her with some wise words, and if that doesn't work he can always throw in an ab-flash for good measure!

Source: US Weekly