Credit: Catherine Giudici on Twitter

If you thought Bachelor 17 power couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici couldn't get any cuter, you'd be wrong. Ever since these two hopped off that traumatized elephant and moved to Los Angeles so Sean could film Dancing With The Stars, they've been killing us softly with their adorable relationship, and their latest adventures in cuteness basically has us passed out in a fit of swoons.

Please prepare your bodies, because Sean and Catherine officially have pet names for each other. It appears that she is "McSnuggs" and he is "Boo Face" (excuse us while we vomit from happiness), at least according to Catherine's latest twitpic.

Feel free to take a moment to let your searing loneliness wash over you. And if you need a pick-me-up, check out Sean's outfit in Catherine's picture. He seems to be wearing a woman's blazer with nothing underneath, because (as we've already established) his body is allergic to t-shirts.

What do you think of Catherine and Sean's pet names? We were sort of hoping she called him "Savior," or "Jesus 2.0," but "Boo Face" works.

Source: Twitter