Credit: @SeanLowe

Please put on a pair of protective goggles and shove some ice cubes into your cleavage. Bachelor stud Sean Lowe is once again mocking our ovaries with his studliness, this time with a picture of himself in a football uniform (that hot guy next to him is his now-brother-in-law, Andrew Shull).

Sean is wearing spandex, guys. Like Olivia Newton John circa "Physical." And said spandex have corset-style strings at the crotch. Us = flopped around all over the floor like the happiest beached whale ever. 

But wait, it gets better! Sean has captioned this glorious vision with "I was just a pup," which means we can probably never look at puppies the same way again. In other news, it's time to analyse Sean's crotch (we know, life is hard) and determine if he's wearing a jock strap. Have at it, Bachelor Nation!

Source: @SeanLowe09