Credit: Craig Sjodin/ ABC Photo: Dancing With the Stars 2013: Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd

Sean Lowe’s been staring down some nasty rumors of late — namely that he’s cheating on his sweet fiancée, Catherine Guidici, with his Dancing With The Stars partner, Peta Murgatroyd. But is it true? Well, if you ask Sean or Peta, that’s basically like accusing them of incest — considering they think of each other as family. Gross, you guys.

We can see why people might be skeptical. All that pelvic thrusting? The long dance rehearsals? Look, we’ve seen
Dirty Dancing, okay?! Peta has even been traveling with Sean to his many scheduled appearances to get in extra practice time... while Catherine hangs back poolside in L.A.

Though it may be tough for viewers at home to see Sean and Peta dancing cheek to cheek and
not think they’re doing the horizontal rumba, Peta Murgatroyd has finally chimed in to address the rumors. As she tells People, “there’s nothing going on” between her and Sean. They’re “just good friends, like brother and sister.”

Sean said something similar on
Jimmy Kimmel Live. While he recognizes that Peta is a “good-looking girl” says, “Peta’s more like a sister, “ and that there is “no... sexual chemistry there whatsoever.”

Well, that’s good news for Sean and Catherine, but bad news for anyone who was hoping this would turn out like every dance movie since the beginning of time.

Source: People