Credit: Twitter Photo: Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Smile for Camera in LAX on March 23, 2013

Apparently, everything Sean Lowe does really is for love.

We know that he participated on The Bachelor to find his wife, which he did in Catherine Giudici after a finale proposal and subsequent announcement that the two will wed and it will be aired on TV.

But why participate on Dancing With The Stars? What's the love angle there?

Well apparently, much of the motivation behind his participation was so that he could learn to dance in term for his nuptials, which will most assuredly be a blown out affair to remember.

And more apparently, the love between Sean and doing things for love on TV is reciprocated by America because he is creating the third most buzz among the DWTS cast trailing only Zendaya and Lisa Vanderpump (Lisa's dog metric not included in the analysis).

So Sean really is all about love. But if he guest appears on Splash, we'll have to reevaluate everything.

Source: Dallas News