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We've heard some whispers around town about Sean Lowe and Dancing with the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd having more fun than is safe for TV. But seeing as how Seanie is pretty much the poster boy for being a gentleman (just don't ask AshLee Frazier), we didn't believe a word of it. On March 21, Sean went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about, well, sex.

To be more precise, they talked about sex and dancing. Noting the awesome ratings Sean’s The Bachelor Season 17 got, Jimmy joked that his turn on Dancing with the Stars was all a ploy from the network. “I think it might be a devious plot from ABC to break you and Catherine up so that you can be The Bachelor again,” the funnyman teased, pointing to pictures of Sean and his hot partner in some strange body configurations.

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On his part, Sean laughed off the implication that he and Peta might have something going on. “Now, Catherine, is she alright despite the fact that despite you refusing to make sweet, sweet love to her, are dancing with Peta Murgatroyd?” Jimmy asked Seanie. “Yeah, well she’s cool with girls I made out with coming to the wedding, so she’s cool. She knows it’s just dancing.”

“Is it just dancing? Cuz you must be a rocket ready to launch. There is a lot of intense... I mean, between Catherine and Peta... I wouldn’t drive with you!” Jimmy joked about Sean’s famous pledge to wait until marriage to have sex with his fiancee. “No problems whatsoever. Peta’s more like a sister... There is no chemistry, no sexual chemistry there whatsoever. She’s a good looking girl, but look who I have as a fiancee out there!” Sean responded good-naturedly.

Phew! Not that we believed the rumors, but we’re happy to have the squeaky clean image of Sean firmly back in our minds.

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Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Photo: Sean Lowe on His Partner: "There Is No Sexual Chemistry Whatsoever"