Credit: Twitter

Sean Lowe is many things (a Greek god, a walking six-pack, a professional stunt man), but one thing he most certainly is not? A frat boy. Sean's ex-girlfriend, AshLee Frazier, made the mistake of calling Sean this slanderous term during The Bachelor Season 17 "Women Tell All" special, and this hunky beefcake isn't about to let the comment slide.

"Just for the record, I take great offense to the frat guy comment," Sean tweeted on March 4th. "I don't even own Sperrys."

Wearing boat shoes is a requirement of all true frat dudes, and it looks like Sean doesn't fit the bill. Although, he does share some similarities with his college-aged brosefs, like a love for pecs, a penchant for beer, and an addiction to tighty whities.

Also, Sean might not self-identify as a frat boy, but he's certainly at home in a sorority. Did you see him frolick gleefully among those innocent underage pledges at UCLA? It's like he had returned to the mothership.

Source: Twitter