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From the very first moment Sean Lowe met Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor 2013, he knew there was something special about her. In fact, Sean liked Tierra so much that he threw Bachelor tradition to the wind and gave her a rose right after she got out of the limo!

No cocktail party. No rose ceremony. No nothing. Tierra is safe. She and her rose are free to move on to next week, no questions asked.

Tierra couldn’t have been happier about Sean’s decision, but the other 25 Season 17 women were not nearly so enthusiastic (understandably). What exactly makes her so special anyway, they wondered.

Watching The Bachelor premiere on January 7, Sean now seems well aware of the difficult position he put Tierra in. “I definitely threw Tierra to the wolves with the first rose. #TheBachelor” he tweeted.

Credit: Holly Durst's Twitter Photo: Holly Durst and Blake Julian on Their Way to Hawaii on December 22, 2011

He wasn’t the only one in Bachelor Nation talking about the controversial call, either. “So getting a first impression rose before walking into the house... hmmm... I bet she is the most hated woman in the house and stays that way. #Tierra #I'mAboveAllOfYou”Bachelor Pad 2 winner Holly Durst tweeted.

Newlywed beauty Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum agreed. “If I was Tierra I would be hiding that rose!!” she tweeted, “Eeekk.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Source: Twitter