Credit: ABC Medianet

Every good show needs an antagonist — even a reality competition show about a dude looking for love. Thankfully, it sounds like Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor is no exception. Whether they’re misunderstood, mis-edited, or just plain misbehaving, we salute these villains for mixing it up and keeping things interesting!

While on a call with reporters on December 12, 2012, Sean alluded to some conflict among the bevy of women clamoring for his love. “It’s tricky, because you hear women say certain things about certain women, and I would think to myself, ‘Well, I haven’t seen that, so I’m gonna make my own judgment and draw my own conclusions.’ But then I would hear multiple women talk about that same woman, and then you start to think, ‘Well, maybe there is something there,’ and you have to investigate.”

Intriguing! Was it a case of women looking out for Sean—or were they simply out to eliminate a threat? We’ll have to see how it all plays out!

Source: Entertainment Weekly