Put aside for a moment all of your concerns about why Sean Lowe was traveling with his Dancing With The Stars partner, Peta Murgatroyd instead of fiancée Catherine Guidici, and let’s focus on what’s really important. Namely, his man necklace.

We’re not sure if Catherine is too busy being supportive to rip it off his neck, or if maybe Sean is just utilizing his terrible dance moves to evade her grasp. Either way, we’re just confused about its existence and need to know why it is there. Here are our top 5 theories:

1. Sean recently won an eBay auction for that vial Angelina Jolie used to wear filled with Billy Bob Thornton’s blood.

2. Sean is secretly a robot and this is a jack for his charging machine (technology!) that keeps him ready to shake his money maker / smile while evading questions.

3. It’s a flash drive containing all scenes from The Bachelor Season 17: The Fantasy Suites, filmed by producers to keep Sean in line, should he ever stray off message. 

Credit: Pacific Coast News

4. Sean is deathly allergic to negativity, and thus must carry an EpiPen, in case he’s exposed to too many frowns / low judge scores.

5. His mirror broke and he doesn’t realize how dumb it looks.

Bonus: Um, a rape whistle? We'll leave that one alone... 

What do you think: Should it stay or should he add it to the pile of pink V-necks he wore on the show and light it all on fire?