Credit: Brooke Sorensen on Facebook

Like many a football player, our Bachelor Sean Lowe has a thing for girls with pom-poms. In fact, two of his exes were Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders!

According to Jen’s Reality, Sean’s penchant for blue sequins and white cowboy boots began with longtime girlfriend Brooke Sorensen. We’re not sure exactly how long they dated, but it was at least a few years and long enough for there to be dozens of snapshots of them together on Facebook.

Credit: Brook Sorensen on Facebook

In a few of them, they’re holding babies — but they’re not their babies, to be clear! Sean has never been married or been a father.

Credit: Chris Chambers/Getty Images

After dating Brooke, Sean rebounded briefly with another Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Ryan Ray. Ryan has an avid fan base, as illustrated by this fan-made tribute video for her!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Sean Lowe's Ex-Girlfriend, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Ryan Ray (VIDEO)

Eventually, Sean’s quest for love led him to The Bachelor, where he will have at least one or two cheerleaders to choose from!

Source: Jen’s Reality, Brooke Sorensen’s Facebook