Credit: Gaz Shirley/ Photo: Courtney Robertson Wears Engagement Ring in Los Angeles on March 20, 2012

Can’t a girl plan a wedding without everyone thinking she’s on the fast track to Mommyville?

A week before the airing of The Bachelor Season 16 Overnight Dates, and with Courtney Robertson already spoiled as the winner, a rumor launched into the Internet that Ben Flajnik and his Chosen One will soon be parents. In Touch quoted a “friend” of the Season 16 Bachelor as saying that Ben “freaked out” over the news that his now-fiancee might be pregnant. "He's completely petrified at the thought of starting a family with someone he's only known for a few months," the friend added.

Now, Reality Weekly is reporting that Courtney might be pregnant. Why, you ask? “She’s been emotional and complaining of an upset stomach a lot. Whenever anyone offers her a drink she refuses, which isn’t like her at all!” Yeah, okay. Those three things do not a Bachelor baby make.

A real friend of the winemaker told Wetpaint Entertainment that Ben “is NOT even remotely worried that Courtney is pregnant. The entire claim is false and made up." Seeing as it took her longer than many of the other remaining bachelorettes to tell Ben that she loved him (in Episode 8), we’re thinking that the last thing on this model’s mind is poppin’ out babies.

And the last thing on our minds is believing this rumor! Next!


Source: Hollywood Life