Credit: Dhame S Kuloh= Photo: Ben Flajnik and His Season 16 Bachelorettes in Puerto Rico

Another day, another set of spoilers from Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16, courtesy of Reality Steve. When The Bachelor filmed in Puerto Rico, then Panama, then Belize. While in Puerto Rico it looks like a nice fella called @Dhame S Kuloh posted a few pics of Ben and some of his bachelorettes doing some baseball-related stuff. These folks here also blogged a somewhat blurry photo of Ben and his date in Old San Juan, which will be featured in Episode 5.

Credit: Dhame S Kuloh Photo: Ben Flajnik's Season 16 Bachelorettes in Puerto Rico

@bachspoilerfans kept up with the pics and spoilers pretty well and they have discussions going on in their various forums.

To caption one of the baseball photos, the tweeting guy named a bunch of ladies Reality Steve has already revealed for the season. The red-haired girl is supposedly the same Jennifer who had the concert date with Ben in Utah, in which they complimented each other’s kissing prowess. So this girl is already a frontrunner. **UPDATE, 1/2: By now we know the girls in the pic are (from left):Kacie Boguskie, Casey Shteamer., Blakeley Shea, Emily O'Brien, Jennifer Fritsch, Jamie Otis, Rachel Truehart, and Courtney Robertson.**

Source: Twitter

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